NH conservation and heritage commission

As you may know, the New Hampshire conservation and heritage commission supports a variety of preservation programs with funds raised through the selling of license plates showing a picture of a moose. 

In line with their efforts to protect our dwindling moose population, they will be issuing masks to all moose over the age of 6 months. From the funds collected from the license plate fees, they will finance the manufacture of appropriately fitting masks, and train rangers to tranquilize and fit the moose with these masks. (The tranquilizer is innocuous, lasting for no more than 5 minutes, with no residual effects.) The masks have a tie designed to remain on the ears of the moose until all variants of Covid have been brought under control. They will also incorporate an automatic water-tight hinge, which will enable moose to eat and drink freely. 

New Hampshire hopes to increase the sales of the plates for this Alcestarian venture, through our empathy for the moose in this trying time. For those who do not drive, or who prefer a more modest form of publicity, a lapel pin replicating the plate design has been made available. Moose, too, have seen their loved ones succumb to the virus. VaccAlceses will be available later this month. Social distancing is already in effect. You will notice – should you be lucky enough to see a moose – that no moose over the age of one year grazes within 10 feet of another. (Because of the height of moose, they have been asked to separate by that minimum.)

It is inspiring to see the respect our indigenous fauna give to the health and safety of their species. We hope that you may be encouraged to continue your own mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing; not only to safeguard yourself, but others of our species.