Architectural reflections

The revelatory effect of an image.; to illustrate that the power of art is the power of change.

“not an analysis of architectural design but a synthesis of its emotional impact on the observer: the evocation of that elusive, haunting memory of a special time and place.

Her project enters an unexplored territory of architectural perception.”_Sirrka Damora, Architect.


Turkeys are glamping on the grounds.
Coyote songs echo.
The forest undergrowth has gone to sleep, and Tamaracks grace mountain flanks.

Lie on the ground now.
Play angels in the leaves.
Make patterns to embrace the coming snow.

How stellar we are.

It is the dancing season.

Let’s get back on track!

Enough playing around….we need to get this blog back on track. I invite you all to write posts about supporting the work you love. Whether you are doing that work and getting paid for it; whether you are doing other work which pays you enough for you to produce your art; whether you are looking for a way in which to support your art.

Let’s hear from each of you. This exchange will help us all. Ideas, methods, questions and answers are digested differently by each of us. Digestion feeds newness. All of this enlarges the creative community. And this, most naturally, enlarges the reality of the world.