The culture of the USA is anathema to the intuitive creativity required for discoveries in the quantum world: the same working intuition of the artist.

After Robert Falcon Scott’s expedition to the South Pole, his youngest crew member, Apsley Cherry-Garrard wrote, in his book, The Worst Journey in the World, “For we are a nation of shopkeepers,
and no shopkeeper will look at research which does not promise him a financial return within a year…
If you march your Winter Journey, you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin’s egg.”

(Refer to the book to understand the reference to a penguin’s egg.)

By not looking toward the long term potential of what, at the moment, seems improbable, we create
a culture of the mundane.

Genius cannot fully flourish within short term constraints.

Scientific intuition is a river. If it is dammed by financial constraints, if it cannot be free to pursue its
vision – its explanation of that improbable – of the both/and – not the either/or – we are doomed to a life of sellers and buyers, without dreamers and doers.

Art is a language of science. Once we have a language, we can transmit our thought. 

Art makes reality visible. Sub-atomic particles are known by their effect. Art is their result. (re-think that)

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