Easter warblers sing ringing daffodils around last Autumn’s leaves for newly greening moss.
Snowstorms’ dancing branches warm the ground buzzing with happy insects’ almost wings.
Dogs climb Elm trees. Cats clean their teeth. Poets warm their toes in the running sun.



The Rampart Trail Committee has signed a contract with the Posterior Mason Ai Generator Company. They plan to use it for ground condition rehabilitation, invasive species encapsulation, and hikers’ breaths’ moisture measurements. These moisture measurements will be particularly helpful for determining the severity of the forthcoming season’s drought.

Money for this service will come from the Dendroctonus Simplex Foundation. No taxes will be assessed.

Architectural reflections

The revelatory effect of an image.; to illustrate that the power of art is the power of change.

“not an analysis of architectural design but a synthesis of its emotional impact on the observer: the evocation of that elusive, haunting memory of a special time and place.

Her project enters an unexplored territory of architectural perception.”_Sirrka Damora, Architect.